"Sirens The Musical"

Music by Benjamin Velez  |  Book and Lyrics by Deborah Zoe Laufer

STORY: When Sam Abrams first fell in love with Rose he wrote her a song  — a song that has been covered by every recording artist and translated to every language.   It is heard in every elevator and on every cell phone ringtone.  For twenty-five years, Sam has been trying to write the next song – to no avail.

Sam and Rose are now celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with a cruise in the Mediterranean.  Sam hears the most beautiful music ever heard, jumps overboard, and winds up on the Siren’s island.  There he must struggle with the seductions of the Siren, the terrors of middle age, and the tortures of creative failure.  And he must find a way to get home and win his wife back.


"Already Over"  |  Sam sings to Rose about his feeling that he's reached the point where he no longer has anything to look forward to. (Demo performed by myself)

"Incredible Vanishing Woman"  |  As Sam and Rose walk down the street together, Sam is either staring at other women or singing to himself, oblivious to the conversation Rose is trying to have. (Demo performed by Beverly Ward)