"The Earth"  |  New York Musical Theater Festival 2010

This was a piece written over the course of three days, then rehearsed and performed in front of an audience at NYMF that same week.

8 Minute Musicals was a production of Artist's Without Limits (AWOL) where composers and playwrights who had never met were paired off, given 3 performers, and had 2 days to write an original 8 minute piece of theater for them. I had a day to notate the score before handing it off to a director and the actors, who then had three days to rehearse before premiering the piece at the festival.

I was lucky to work with the playwright Jerome A. Parker and the wonderful David Alpert as my director. The cast included the talented Sally Wilfert, Leah Horowitz and Caesar Samayoa with John Bell music directing.

"The Earth"

Music and Lyrics by Benjamin Velez  |  Book by Jerome A. Parker (Lyrics for "None of it Matters")

Set in an underground chamber where three people spend their entire existence working a machine they have been told keeps the sun in the sky. As far as they know, to stop would mean the end of the world. Loosely based on Plato's The Cave,  "The Earth" explores the individual's quest for the truth and the struggle to reconcile one's own view of reality with reality itself.