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An Original Musical about a girl living with Borderline Personality Disorder and struggling for normalcy amidst a revolving door of therapists and more prescriptions than she can count. Her father's upcoming re-marriage, several years after the death of her own mother, forces her to confront her demons and grapple with an illness that society still struggles to define. How do you ask for help when you're afraid to admit you're sick? Where is the line between neurotic and psychotic? Between healthy and sick? Between an ending and a new beginning?  

Music and Lyrics by Benjamin Velez    |     Book by Aryanna Garber

Borderline is the 2018 Weston Playhouse New Musical Award Winner and had two concert presentations at the Weston Playhouse in Vermont in March 2018, directed by Michael Berresse and starring Margo Seibert, Stephen Bogardus, Derrick Baskin, Katie Thompson, and Leo Ash Evens.

Borderline then had the honor of being the first musical in the 2019 O’Neill National Musical Theater conference. We had four presentations in June 2019 directed by Jaki Bradley, music directed by David Gardos, dramaturged by Carrie Chapter, with our insanely talented cast of Florrie Bagel, Charl Brown, Lincoln Clauss, Matt Dallal, Sarah Lynn Marion, Gilli Messer, Andy Taylor, & Tatiana Wechsler.


"Borderline" (Anna)

Anna has just been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and is working to make sense of what that means after a lifetime of not having a name for her illness. She decides to go off her meds and be the girl who is “fine” instead of “sick.”

"I'm Gonna Die Alone" (Anna)

Plagued by crippling anxiety and known for blowing every dating opportunity that comes her way, Anna laments her likely fate and admits her desire for real intimacy.

"Be Patient" (Dr. Brenner)

Anna begins her first session with Dr. Brenner, a new doctor who refuses to play her games and is hoping he won’t make the same mistakes with Anna that he made with a previous Borderline Patient.

"Dana Is Easy/Why Does He Make It So Hard?" (John and Anna)

Anna’s mother committed suicide when Anna was 16 and her father, John, continues not to accept his wife was mentally ill. Anna, now 26, lives with John after a dangerous cutting episode several years before, and John lives in denial that his daughter is legitimately sick and in need of help. Instead, he distracts himself with his much younger fiancé Dana, of whom Anna strongly disapproves. They’ve just had a spat over Anna refusing to join them for dinner and meet Dana. John sings from the apartment; Anna is at the Pharmacy.

"Wanna Go Out" (Jesse and Anna)

Jesse, a guy Anna has befriended in the waiting room of her therapist’s office, is trying to ask her out on a date, but Anna is committed to playing hard to get.

"Land of Lost and Found" (Voice)

This moment follows a montage in which Anna’s decision to go off her medication has led her down a terrifying spiral of withdrawal. At this point she has lost track of time, of herself, and she has receded into the corners of her mind where she hides from her reality, but relives her worst memory, when she found her mother dead in a bathtub, the water red from her having bled out.

"Crazy Wonderful" (John)

John makes every attempt he can to avoid discussing his late wife, but when Anna finally joins him and Dana for dinner, Anna spills the gruesome details of her mother’s suicide to Dana (John’s Finacé), who had only known that she’d passed away, before storming out of the restaurant. Dana confronts John about why he lied to her, and John tells her about his wife for the first time.