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"Prom Was a Promise" - from Starblasters


SETUP: After losing his job and moving back in with his parents, Neil returns to work at the same local theme park where he worked summers in high school. It's his first time back since leaving for college and he is immediately confronted by his ten-year-old feud with his ex-concessions colleague and former best friend, Freddie.

"Erica Save Me" - from Starblasters


SETUP: Neil finally learns that all this time, Freddie has been madly in love with Erica. Pining for years from the concessions stand, but unable to tell her, Freddie admits that the best part of her day is watching Erica "save" the audience on the Starblaster ride.

"Seriously Serious" - from Untitled Young Einstein Musical


SETUP: This song follows Mileva, the woman Albert will eventually marry. She has just discovered she's been accepted into the prestigious Polytechnic Institute of Zurich as the only woman in the class and vows to show everyone she has what it takes to be a woman in science.

"Old Country" - from Afterland


SETUP: Set in the woods outside a decimated Philadelphia, AFTERLAND follows a group of survivors who created an insular, cult-like community designed to erase the painful memories of the past and provide a fresh start for its members.