“Seriously Serious” - Mileva, Albert, Ensemble

This song follows Mileva, the Serbian girl Albert will marry who has defined herself by being the rare woman in the male-dominated field of physics. We follow her from the moment after she gets her letter of acceptance to the Polytechnic to when she matriculates and first sees Albert, to when she and Albert are dating during their second year. The song is a montage in which we go to different places and skip forward in time.

**Note that I sing both characters, although the song is mostly Mileva. Albert’s section begins with “What a find, What a mind…” and ends after the next set of “Seriously Serious” before the dreamy section.


“E is for Energy” - Albert, Ensemble

A song that establishes how science for Albert is like a drug that takes him to another plane of existence, making messy realities melt away into blissful order.


“Drop Out” - Albert, Ensemble

Albert’s parents moved to Italy when he was in high school in order to pursue a new business opportunity, leaving Albert alone in Munich to finish school. Already alienated by strict disciplinarian teachers, Albert became increasingly frustrated. He decides to drop out, leave Germany, and even revoke his citizenship in order to avoid service in the authoritarian German military, which he has always despised.


“Still Waiting” - Mileva

This song is sung by Einstein's wife Mileva, after they are married and have a child. They had been apart off and on for several years. Through letters, they had promised each other they'd finally make a life together as a family, but now that they have it, Einstein has become more absorbed with his research and detached from her. She continues to feel utterly alone.

Untitled Young Einstein Musical

A musical about the young Albert Einstein as he rebels against family and authority, finds love, and struggles against the establishment to change how we understand the universe and ourselves.

Music and Lyrics by Benjamin Velez

Book by Tim Duncheon